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Training Library: Dual Kettlebell Rack Carry

By Kyle Torrance | in Training | on October 1st, 2019 One of the issues many fitness enthusiast's face is the lack of midline or 'trunk' stability.  This is essentially the ability to effectively stabilize the trunk or torso and maintain a neutral spine during either static holds or more dynamic movement.

Unfortunately this is largely due to lifestyle factors in which we are seated for the majority of our day.

When seated, much of the musculature of the 'core' and surrounding areas (including the glutes) are 'turned off.'  Without proper trunk stability we become much more prone to compressive forces on the spine (in either flexion or extension) and this is compounded more so when working with an external load.

One of the best bang for your buck movements to help develop midline or trunk stability is the kettlebell rack carry.  With an external load in out in front of your centre, it will force activation of the anterior core muscles to keep from bending forward (or overextending the low back).

It can also help to improve posture and upper back strength as you must work to not allow your shoulders from slouching forward. Finally, as we begin walking, we engage the glutes as well as combat the rotational forces that naturally come from walking.

To see how this movement is done check out the video below for a tutorial!

If your struggling with low back pain and/or looking to add more movement's like these into your training program click HERE to book a FREE  class and be on your way to pain free movement!


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