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Programming Update

By Kyle Torrance | in Training | on September 3rd, 2019 Hi Everyone! With the CrossFit Open moving to the fall for the first time our programming structure will be taking a bit of a change in preparation! I do believe this is a positive for the most part as the weather will be better and we are less likely to be battling sickness and the winter blues.

We will be running our Intramural Open once again and we encourage everyone to participate regardless of your fitness level/desire to be 'competitive.'  This is really just a way to be a part of a great community building event and test your OWN progress.  It is also a great way to track and measure your progress from year to year.  But it is all about you! So don't get caught up thinking your not good enough or fit enough etc..  Stay tuned for more details as we will release just how the Intramural works and how to sign up.

Back to the programming! As many of you know who have participated in the Open before the bias tends to be towards 'traditional' CrossFit works (i.e. the pain zone!) so we will be adding in some more conditioning to build up stamina for those types of workouts! There is a pretty consistent set of movements that show up year after year so we will make sure to work these regularly.  For those of you who don't know yet Coach Stacey is running an Open Prep class Sunday's at 10am so definitely attend if you want to hone in on some skills in preparation! In regular classes we will each week visit an open workout to get our mindset back into what those types of workouts feel like.  During this period our strength work will be based more around 'maintenance' work vs focused strength building.  As always we will continue with our weekly accessory work/functional bodybuilding protocols to make sure we are staying balanced and activated.

Looking forward to another great season ahead!

Coach Kyle

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