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Member of The Month: Mike Walker

By Kyle Torrance | in CrossFit 613 Member Profiles | on November 3rd, 2017 Tell us a little bit about yourself? (who you are, what you do, any interesting things about yourself!)     My name is Mike Walker, I’m 27 and live in Carleton Place, which is about 20 minutes west of Kanata. I’m a Certified Engineer Technologist with IBI Group (an Engineering/Architecture firm) in Ottawa. I’m a big Pittsburgh Penguins fan and played competitive hockey growing up until I reached the age of 21. I’m a huge Foo Fighters fan and can play several instruments. I also used to play in a few bands in the Ottawa area. I have watched “The Office” seasons from start to finish over 3 times I’m rarely late…for anything! What prompted you to begin training at CrossFit 613? I work in the West End of Ottawa and was looking for a gym in that area to go to on my way home from work. I had heard a lot of good things about CrossFit 613 through the community and wasn’t disappointed once I dropped in to my first class.  When I inquired about the gym online, I received a prompt response and invite to come check it out which was different from the average gym that posts their schedules and pricing. CrossFit 613 invites you in and shows you WHY they are worth your investment and they don’t disappoint. I had been a part of 2 crossfit gyms in the areas but really enjoy the programming and community at 613. What was your greatest concern, fear or scepticism when you considered CrossFit? I was looking for a training methodology that was similar to the off-ice training I used to do during hockey. I was interested in something that pushed you and made you feel accomplished when you were done. After hockey ended, I walked away with a lot of shoulder issues. I was unsure how my shoulders would handle the movements in Crossfit as I lacked a lot of mobility when I first started. After 6 months, my shoulders felt the best they EVER had and are probably my biggest strength thanks to crossfit. Describe the most pleasant surprise of training at CrossFit 613: I really enjoy how the atmosphere is so relaxed but also professional. It’s very clear who is coaching the classes and they all have great (and different) coaching techniques. The gym is always very clean, well-kept and organized, which I very much appreciate. I also enjoy the variety of classes they provide (endurance/Olympic lifting, gymnastics/mobility with Kate) it gives people more of an opportunity to either excel at their strengths or progress at the weaknesses. I also enjoy the fact that the programming is available to all fitness levels given the 3 different tiers. I have never seen this at any other gym and think it was a clever way to make the workout accessible no matter what fitness level the athlete is at. I was also pleased that people didn’t judge me too much on the ginormous sweat angels I leave on the floor mats after pretty well every class. How has your health and fitness improved since you started training at CrossFit 613? (It’s time to brag!) My conditioning has improved significantly! Since starting CrossFit in 2013, I was considered more of a heavy lifter and wasn’t as proficient at body weight/gymnastic movements. Between the programming/Endurance classes and the Nutrition challenges offered at 613, I have since bridged the gap between my weightlifting and cardiovascular endurance. With the Nutrition challenge, I lost approximately 15-20 lbs and I significantly improved my gymnastics endurance on top of changing my body composition. This was around the same time as the Crossfit open where I had my best performance in the 4 years I have competed. I have reached a lot of my fitness goals at 613 which include: Legless rope climb, strict Ring MU, Handstand walk and efficiency at the Bar MU. I feel like I am more of a well-rounded athlete since doing the 613 programming where before my strength was strictly in Olympic lifting.   Would you recommend CrossFit 613 to others?  Why? Yes, I would and I have! It’s a great community to join whether you are starting your CrossFit experience or have been doing it for years. It’s a friendly, welcoming and motivating atmosphere for anyone. The coaches do a great job of explaining the movements and discuss the 3 tiers (Foundations/Function & performance) of programming for that particular day.  

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