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Making The Most Of 2018

By Kyle Torrance | in Training | on January 1st, 2018 With another year of training behind us and a new year beginning, I wanted to share with you some tips to make 2018 your best year yet! Setting New Goals I urge all of you to spend a few minutes to reflect on the past year of training. (Actually, I urge you to spend more time reflecting regularly throughout the year!)  Jot down the highlights, lowlights, and everything in between. What were your goals (if any)? Did you meet them? If not, what are some reasons why not (be honest with yourself)? Have your goals changed in the past year? Answering these questions can help you map out this coming year of training. Goal setting is an important aspect of training; it helps to keep you motivated; on track; and when you check off a goal it's definitive proof of improvement. However, setting goals is not the easiest task.  It helps to first identify your training objective, and then build a few short and long term goals within that framework. For example, the goals of a competitive CrossFit athlete may look different than that of a recreational CrossFitter because the training objective differs. Don't hesitate to ask for help with either identifying your goals or finding strategies to achieve them! Class Habits For most of us, spending hours in the gym each day is just not realistic (alas we can dream). Therefore, we need to take full advantage of that one hour we get each day to improve. This means giving 100% the ENTIRE hour (that means the warm up too!). Going through the motions while not actually paying attention to what your doing will slow your progress as your not training that mind/body connection. We totally understand that your excited to catch up and see friends in class (especially for those who always attend the same class). One of the things we all love most about CrossFit is the friendships and community it creates! And we aren't suggesting silence the entire time, after all this is supposed to be fun! However, chatting to your squatting partner while they are working a set of heavy front squats is not beneficial to anyone. Less Can Be More One of the biggest mistakes fitness enthusiast's make is believing that more is always better. This is an easy trap to fall into especially for beginners. The thought process often goes something like this: If I'm making this type of progress going X number of times a week, then I will make even more progress if I increase my training frequency! This may work for a period of time, until it doesn't... The fact is progress comes during the recovery process not during training. If you increase your training without increasing your effort for recovery (sleep, nutrition etc..) eventually you will start to stagnate as your body will never fully recover. Those individuals you see training all the time likely are spending about 90% of their time outside the gym on recovery! The point here is that often times less can be more. The better you feel each session the more intensity and purpose you can bring, and that will yield long-term sustainable results! CrossFit Open: In just over a month the 2018 CrossFit open will begin. For those who are on the fence about participating, we urge you to do so! The open is not just for competitors, with both Rx and Scaled workouts, it's a great way for you to test the fitness you've been working so hard on! Those who have participated in previous years can attest to the awesome atmosphere that takes hold of the gym during the open, and we want everyone to be a part of it! ...Chances are you'll push through some barriers and accomplish things you didn't think you could!

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