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Connection Corner: Justin Bennett

By Kyle Torrance | in CrossFit 613 Member Profiles | on November 14th, 2019 Q - Tell us a little bit about yourself? (who you are, what you do, any interesting things about yourself!)

A - My name is Justin. I'm 31 years old and work in Telecommunications. I have a bunch of hobbies which include Mountain Biking, Archery, PC Gaming, and PC Building.

I grew up learning Martial Arts, more specifically Karate. During high school each year a few friends and I would bike a few hours away and bring camping gear with us and spend a week or two enjoying the great outdoors.

I was always tinkerer and taking things apart whether it be bike or a computer, to the point I remember my dad telling me to stop taking things apart and not putting it back together right away. Maybe that's because I used to lose some of the parts?

Q - What prompted you to begin training at CrossFit 613?

A - I've been a member of CrossFit 613 for about 5 months now. I really had no idea what I was in for except what I read and watched online. However I was looking at making a lifestyle change and wanting to get healthier so I could once again enjoy the activities I once did.

My mental and physical well being declined drastically in the past decade. One day everything just clicked, and I realized just how crucial it was to live a healthy and active lifestyle. When I first reached out to CrossFit 613 I received a prompt response from Mike and excellent guidance regarding some questions I had.

Let me also state that I've never once walked into a gym until I had my Introductory Consultation with Kyle. His holistic approach was inspiring. After talking with Kyle and learning more about CrossFit 613 and CrossFit in general I felt like this was the place for me.

I haven't met many people yet as I went from On-Ramp directly into Personal Training, however the people I have met has been friendly and welcoming. I can't say enough good things about my experience thus far.

Q - What was your greatest concern, fear or skepticism when you considered CrossFit?

A - I was looking for a training regimen that had some similarities to what I did in Martial Arts but also with a weight lifting aspect as well. Over the years I developed a lot of poor habits and became pretty lazy for lack of better words I "Let myself go".

After a couple months of research and some input from people I know I was suggested to look into CrossFit. The methodology that drives CrossFit was something I felt I could connect with. I will admit I was concerned by how daunting it looked as someone with no prior training experience. Nevertheless I was up for the challenge.

Q - Describe your experience working one on one with a coach.

A - Kyle is an incredibly talented coach. His knowledge and hollistic approach have been invaluable in my journey to live a healthly lifestyle. I enjoy learning new things and getting a deeper understanding about how the mind and body relate to one another. I'm a bit of a nerd, I won't deny it. There is a ton to learn in CrossFit and I've only scratched the surface.

Kyle has been phenomenal with ensuring that I fully understand what we're doing and also that my form is on point as well. He's constantly pushing me to be a better version of myself and I cannot express how much I appreciate that. My experience working one on one with Kyle in the past 5 months has completely transformed my life.

When I first started out there very most definitely some difficult days but Kyle's motivation helped me rise to the challenge and come out victorious.

Q - How has your health and fitness improved since you started training at CrossFit 613? (It's time to brag!)

A - I've undergone quite the change since I started training at CrossFit 613. When I first walked in the door I was 236 lbs... Now 5 months later and training 2 days a week I'm sitting at 174 lbs, and 7 inches have vanished from my waist! I feel like a completely new person.

I remember the first day I started to learn back squats, and the bar alone was a struggle. Now several months later my back squat is up to 155 lbs. It was a similar situation with my bench press as well. The bar on it's own would sway and I couldn't keep it controlled.. Now I'm up to 135 lbs and I'm able to keep that bar controlled. I'm happier, more confident and have much more energy and stamina.

Q - Would you recommend CrossFit 613 to others? Why? Would you recommend Personal Training to others?

A - Absolutely! CrossFit 613 has changed my life forever and I cannot say enough good things about my experience and the lifelong journey this has led me on. Whether you're looking to improve your current fitness level or if you were in my situation before and you're ready to make a change and live a healthier life I strong recommend CrossFit 613 and Personal Training as well!

The one on one experience is exceptional, and if you were like me and have never set foot in a gym before then what are you waiting for?

Q - Other comments:

A - If you're reading this and your story sounds similar to mine then contact CrossFit 613! I wish I did sooner. Stop saying you'll do it tomorrow, or you don't have time! Trust me, I used to say that all the time.

I had some pretty intense anxiety walking into the gym for the first time, and for my first On-Ramp class. Trust me if you push through it and give it 100% you can do it too. There's never a better time to take control and live a healthier life.

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