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2018 Intramural CrossFit Open: How It Works

By Kyle Torrance | in Training | on February 4th, 2018 On February 22nd the 2018 CrossFit Open Begins! The CrossFit Open is a 5 week wordwide online competition completed right here in your own affiliate.

For those of you who have participated previously,  you know just how much fun and rewarding this competition is! For those of you who want to learn more keep reading to see why YOU should participate no what your fitness level!

  This year, we are adding a twist the Open to create some fun competition within our own gym! Welcome to the first annual CrossFit 613 Intramural Open!

How It Works:

  • The gym will be spit into 4 teams led by 4 of our awesome 613 coaches! Coach Kevin, Coach Kate, Coach Lex, and Coach Kyle.
  • Everyone planning to participate will have their name thrown into a box. On Saturday February 17th at 11:00AM we will hold a 'draft day.'
  • Between now and the 17th please add your name to the draw box in the office!
  • Names will be drawn at random by the team captains and you will be assigned to a team accordingly.
  • Each Week teams will earn points for team members who complete the open workouts and extra points will be earned for top finishes within the gym! (more on this on the 17th)
  • Team Captain may plan 'strategy sessions' or other fun events to pump your team up for each workout!
  • Prizes will be awarded throughout the open for most spirited efforts as well as top finishing teams!
  • Once again every Friday will be our Friday Night Lights for everyone participating to come in and throw down!
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As always we encourage everyone to participate no matter your fitness level or competitive desires. This is all about having fun and continuing to build our awesome community.  The more people we have participating the better this event will be!

Why You Should Participate:  

Test Your Fitness: One of the great things about the CrossFit Open is that each year you get to test to see how you have improved! By logging and submitting your score online you have legitimate data to show your progress year after year.  One of the common errors people make is they believe they have to be at a certain fitness level before participating but that is not true! The earlier you start to participate, the more data you will have year in year out to show your progress.

Motivation : Another great thing about the Open is that it keeps you motivated to train! If you know each February the Open is coming up, it allows you to set new goals each year.  Whether that means getting your first pullup, or finishing higher than last year, the open will keep the fire lit!    

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